A word from case participants 2011

"Participating in Suitable for Business was literally an eye-opener. To convert theory to practice is a huge challenge but for humanities and social sciences, the dilemma is to convert intangible, qualitative knowledge into quantitative value on the bottom line. SfB showed me that the humanities and social sciences are indispensable in a society were innovation and creativity are the future competitive advantages." 

Maja Maria Nielsen, Århus University, Case Participant 2011

"Being a case participant has been an unique experience and an eye-opener. It has helped me explore and define my competencies and I am now better able to identify how I can add value to the business community. Suitable for Business 2011 was a creative space that induced out-of-the-box-thinking, and I therefore encourage fellow students to apply and explore the many dimensions of businesses!." 

Cecilie Bisgaard-Nøhr, Roskilde University, Case Participant 2011

“Participating in the Suitable for Business case competition 2011 was without a doubt one of the most exiting challenges I have met so far during my time at university. It was a great pleasure to get the chance to apply my academic skills for solving an actual case, and prove, not only to myself, but also to an audience and a jury how social science can contribute to business life. I cannot recommend this event strongly enough." 

Rasmus Brun Hansen, Købenahvns Universitet, Case Participant 2011

Representatives of Suitable for Business

Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Head of Department Management, Politics and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School

Adam Holm, Anchor man, Deadline, DR2, ph.d. in history

Sune Skadegaard Thorsen, CEO & Senior Partner, CSR Global

Helge Hvid, Professor at the Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change (ENSPAC), Roskilde University. 

"To create value you need to understand the market. To understand the market you need to understand human behaviour. That is why business needs the knowledge of the humanities and social sciences more than ever. And that is why Suitable for Business is such a brilliant idea. When the brightest minds of the humanities and social sciences meet business it cannot avoid creating value for all." 

Stig Kirk Ørskov, COO, Executive Vice President, JP/Politikens Hus.

"Suitable for Business is a unique initiative driven by students to defend the relevance of educating humanities. Humanities is today used in all sectors in society as a resource in public administration, companies and the civil society”

David Budtz PedersenInstitut for Medier, Erkendelse og Formidling, Copenhagen University

"CBS Students is proud to represent students from a variety of study programs that already explore and define the links between the business world and the humanities. Business and language, business and sociology, business and philosophy are just some of the many fascinating programs that CBS offers to students. CBS Students is happy to collaborate with such an agenda setting organization as Suitable for Business, as they bring to light the usefulness and vitality of the humanistic competences in the realm of business." 

Niklas Frijs-MadsenPhilip Hardø, Presidents of CBS Students

"The humanities can grow stagnant behind academic trenches - but Suitable for Business really puts the knowledge of human interactions to good use, right where it's needed: outside of the textbook, squarely in the middle of the real and lived world!" 

Mads Damgaard & Philip Winkel, Association of Students of the Humanities, Copenhagen University