Our VISION is a modern and innovative business world, which applies an integrated problem solving method incorporating humanities and social sciences.


Our MISSION is to challenge the problem-solving approach of the modern business world by introducing methods from the academic fields of humanities and social sciences. We want to create awareness amongst aspiring students on how to apply and take ownership of their interdisciplinary proficiencies acquired through their studies.

Why Suitable for Business?

For a long time, there has been a division between the world of business and that of academics. Both sides have been hesitant of bridging the gap which is lined with prejudice from both sides. Suitable for Business aims at overcoming this perceived gap. We believe that students from humanities and social sciences have numerous valuable skills which could greatly contribute to any business environment. Through their analytical skills and creative approaches, these students could enrich any debate and bring with them new and innovative perspectives and inputs.

We are a group of students from the fields of humanities and social sciences who love the world of academia, but also want to use our skills and knowledge in practice. We represent academic disciplines, which are not normally considered capable of generating much value. However, to challenge this dogmatic mindset we have created a conference and case competition, in order to demonstrate how the skills and knowledge of humanities and social science students can be applied in a business context and create value.

Our challenge is twofold: on the one hand, we wish to make the business world aware of the potential which is to be found amongst students of humanities and social sciences and which it has been overlooked. Through our conference and case competition we intend to showcase the extraordinary skills and creative input which academic students can supply. On the other hand, we want to make students of social sciences and humanities more aware of the value of the skills which they possess. We want them to feel secure about their abilities and confident that they have suitable skills to offer.

A note from the founding fathers

With Suitable for Business, we wanted to demonstrate how we actively can use our education. We will continue proving that business and humanities are interrelated by nature and hence fully capable of creating shared value. Throughout the conference in 2011, we illustratde and discussed how the humanities and social sciences contributed to the modern business world. By articulating and challenging the basic conceptions of existing business practices, we sincerely believe that we can develop and inspire new ways of doing business. 

One of the many reasons for starting Suitable for Business was our experience that many students from the humanities and social sciences don’t know much about the realities of business. In fact, some people even have a string bias toward business and think that the only mode of business is to capitalize on people and natural resources. We wanted to encourage these students to confront their prejudices and engage in modern business practices, a sphere that is more complex and nuanced than might appear – think, for instance , about an increased focus on corporate social responsibility. 

In light of this we created Suitable for Business, a platform where these questions and concerns can unfold through an open and intelligent debate. As the next generation of academics, customers, and citizens, and businessmen, we want to positively influence the affairs of the world. We have continued through the Board of Directors to push on these issued by celebrating knowledge and evoking action! In other words, we keep demonstrating that we are suitable.

Matias Søndergaard & Kenneth Salomonsen