Suitable for Business is a student-driven initiative...

2012 Suitable for Business is organized by students, dedicated to make a difference, coming from Århus University, Copenhagen University, Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business School. We use our different academic backgrounds to take a proactive step towards business life.

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Josefine Bill



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Other information:

Josefine has recently finished a bachelor in business management and philosophy at Copenhagen Business school. She finds it exciting how a theoretical insight and understanding of a field, which is apparently unrelated to business, can anyhow contribute interesting and revealing insights into the realities of organizations. Her primary interest is the self-forming which society preforms through institutions such as childcare and public school.
She believes in revealing the world through an alternative perspective - be it upside down from a trapeze, over-head from a climbing wall or off-distance from a vikingship or through abstract theories.