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2012 Suitable for Business is organized by students, dedicated to make a difference, coming from Århus University, Copenhagen University, Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business School. We use our different academic backgrounds to take a proactive step towards business life.

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Zaki Wasik



Responsible for IT

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Other information:

Zaki is responsible for all IT-related activities within Suitable for Business and has been involved in a number of activities including web design, development and marketing strategies. With a bachelor degree from CBS in Business Administration and Computer Science, as well as work and teaching experience within the field if IT, Zaki is combining his technical and academic skills with his interest of creativity and design, enabling the link between Suitable for Business and the masses. One may ask why IT-people should engage in projects such as this? An answer may be that technology is no longer the true challenge of successfull IT - the social interaction among users and technology is - and to improve this you must adapt a social oriented approach to your users. Based on this assumption, the opportunities of interdisciplinary work, which is what Suitable for Business is all about, must be considered invaluable.